Monday, December 29, 2008


Karen, Whitney and I went to the Jazz/Mavericks game on Friday night. We had great seats and a ton of fun. I just love my Dallas boys. We were served a plethora of dirty looks during the game (probably due to my exuberant support of the Mavs). In the fourth quarter Jason Terry grabbed the rebound, streaked down the court and dunked that ball, hard; I, meanwhile, had shot to my feet, fists raised triumphantly, and shouted, "YES! YES! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WO-AH! YEAH, TERRY!" Uh, the other fans didn't like that so much. And when I vowed to have Dirk Nowitzki's "little German babies" after a stellar defense/rebound/perfect arc of a shot, the ladies in front of me swiveled around, horrified looks plastered on their faces.

The most exciting part of the game was when Dirk got all hotheaded and angry, as he always does when playing Kirilenko (because AK is A DIRTY PLAYER AND TOTALLY COCKY ALL THE TIME AND I CAN'T STAND WATCHING HIM PLAY AND TAKE EVERY FOUL, THE BIG STINKIN' BABY), and "accidentally" slapped Harpring in the cheek with a closed fist. The ref ejected Dirk, to the Jazz fans' everlasting glee. Dirk threw his towel on the ground and ran out the tunnel, three officials huffing behind. My despair knew no bounds.

The Jazz played an excellent physical defense and the Mavs just couldn't keep up with them offensively. Jazz took the game 97-88. I wasn't too suprised due to the fact the Mavericks always struggle on the Jazz's home turf. The boys will be back in Salt Lake on February 5th and I'm trying to talk myself into shelling out another chunk of change for good seats. (Anybody want to go? I promise I'm way fun to watch basketball with.)


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