Monday, December 1, 2008

Into the 'Hood

Liz and I went to see Hale Centre Theatre's Into the Woods on Saturday. HCT is, as you may know, located in the heart of West Valley. I am, as you may know, a certifiable east-side snob. I unabashedly proclaim to not venture west of State Street if I can help it. But the lull of the theatre is enough to roust me from my comfort zone and hazard the west 'hood.

Into the Woods is one of my very favorite Sondheim musicals (second only to Sweeney Todd) and it was performed extraordinarily well. My favorites were the debonair princes; their sweeping gestures and manly voices are enough to make any girl swoon.

In the second act, Cinderella's prince tries to seduce the baker's wife as he sings, "Right and wrong don't matter in the woods, only feelings." At this point Liz leans over and whispers, "We need to spend more time in the woods."

It was a great time. Fortuitously, we even got to see our dear friend Molly in action as she played Snow White. And guess what? She really was the fairest of them all.

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