Saturday, December 13, 2008

Someone I Love

From my bedroom, I heard my roommate cleaning the kitchen a few evenings ago. Scrubbing and sweeping, she filled our house with a joyful lilting song. After listening to her for several moments, I was overcome with affection for my darling friend.

Karen is good humor personified. She is happiness. She is fun. Karen understands the personal obligation to make one's own happiness. Karen doesn't wait for circumstances to fall into place to bring about contentment. Karen is the girl who sings whilst scrubbing the kitchen floor.

I love my roommie.


Lizzy said...

hey! you never picked a winner from this post contest: Pick me! Pick ME!!! Thanks for making me come down last night to hang out with you two...and for tripping on the stairs before you could get to my room to MAKE me evacuate it! ;)

Amy Brinton said...

Yeah! Who was the lucky winner?

Kim said...

Ok, how 'bout the three of us go get Red Mango sometime this week? Amy, can you get a sitter?