Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter is (kinda) awesome!

As a true child of Texas, I lovelovelove summer and sunshine and heat. Love it. So when big, bad, horrible, miserable winter rolls around I'm none too pleased.

However, I’m trying to focus more on gratitude (like my awesome friend Becca) and less on how much winter totally blows. So here are some reasons why I’m grateful for winter:

1. Hello! Christmastime!! Yay!

2. Sweaters are just so dang cute.

3. Guys wearing sweaters are just so dang cute.

4. My house is really dry because the heat is on, so my hair goes from shower to bone dry in 10 minutes flat.

5. It gives me a chance to use all those scented lotions I get for every occasion by every acquaintance, distant relative, and co-worker who doesn’t know what to get me.

6. Fires in fireplaces are so cozy. (If I can just get one of those be-sweatered guys to come light mine . . .)

7. It gives me a chance to use the line: “Look, we’re under the mistletoe . . . well . . . that’s awkward.”

8. The snow is pretty to watch (kind of a beast to drive or walk in, but I digress.)

9. The extra blankets on my bed make snuggling down with a book so much more inviting.

10. Fuzzy socks (they are always on sale at the Gap right before Christmas, so remember to stock up—they’re my favorite! They also have really nice ones at Bath & Body Works on sale this week.)

11. If you look a little chubby, you can blame it on the three layers of clothes you're wearing and not the Kit-Kat you had for breakfast. (True story.)

Why are you grateful for winter?


Karen said...

So many things to love about this post! The mistletoe, be-sweatered (is that an actual word, grammar nazi?), kit kats for breakfast...I could go on forever. Thanks for the mid-day giggle. :)

Becca's Blog said...

Way to be grateful Kim...

Oh, and I do love winter for the hiding chubbiness factor. But then summer comes and you are what you are. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy it while I can!