Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Amusing Anecdotes

Story One: Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
One of my roommates moved out last month and our friend Gretchen “Too Legit to Quit” Dutson is moving in on Saturday. She stopped by the house on Tuesday to pick up a key and was given a quick rundown of the odd little quirks about our lovely home. Karen and I also provided her a taste of how it will be living with two of the most amusing people in the state. I notified her that I “often spontaneously burst into song and dance about,” and Karen warned that waking her against her will is "more dangerous than rousting a sleeping, hormonal bear." I cautioned as we headed downstairs, “Watch out for these stairs. I always seem to slip on them.” Three seconds later, Gretchen and Karen are grasping their sides, doubled over in laughter, while I am sprawled at the foot of the stairs moaning incoherently.

Story Two: Supermarket and Starcraft
After examining my debit card at the store last night, the cashier looked up at me with wide eyes.
“Your last name is Raynor?”
Impressed, he exclaimed, “That’s awesome!”
“Is it?” I asked.
With notable gravity, he leaned forward and said, “You have the same last name as a guy in Starcraft.”
He solemnly examined my face for the expected elation such a declaration would naturally trigger.
“Oh.” I nodded. “Neat.”

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The Hathorns said...

It gets even better- His name is James "Jim" Raynor! And don't worry I only know this because I googled it.