Friday, February 27, 2009

The Goods

This post has its origins here.

Comment on this post and I will make you something. With these here hands. All for you. And I get to choose what I make. And you HAVE TO LIKE IT, BUDDY! Just kidding, you might hate it. But no take-backs, k?

The possibilities of the world are open to us. Me and you. The maker and the getter. It could be anything. I could make you a storybook, or knit you a checkbook cover or invite you over for a three-course meal. Pull up your socks, cause they're about to get blown off.

Here's the dealio, Joe: You'll have to repost and make stuff for someone else. Fun, huh?

So Mark did five which is a nice number but my version of the rules has always been a little off . . . so, I'll do five totally awesome creations for the first five and anyone who comments after that gets something pretty cool (unless I get lazy and just send you a piece of cardboard that says "You just got pwned, sucka!"). And I'll let you decide how many people you'll get all creative on.

Oh, and the getting of the goods will be as such: If you live in Salt Lake or thereabouts or somewhere I might be visiting in the next little while, I'll bring you (hand-delivered!) whatever I make. If you're far away, I'll send it to ya. Deal?

And if you leave an anonymous comment, I'll just make something and give it to a homeless person.

Okay, I am hereby ordering you to comment. Now. (Just do it. You know you want to.)


Anonymous said...

sup cuz. i think you're cool. did you know that i read your stuff? HA! cause i do.

Anonymous said...
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Alisca said...

I think that anything Miss Kim makes is amazing (except of course for the cardboard sign thing....hint hint).

Lizzy said...

I want something really cool. Anything made by you is AWESOME! :) and the fact that you come with the awesomeness is even better!

Dale said...

Pick me! Pick me!

And I'll let you keep your dollar if you list yourself as a follower on my blog too.

Sherrie said...

Hey, do deleted comments count? Cause then I'm #5!! yipee!!!

Beerman said...

Wow.. I slack off and don't read for a spell and I miss out on free stuff! Story of my life.

Actually, I don't need free stuff from you.... I get a free smile everytime I read you!

We have the same vocabulary... Throw-uppy and snarky? Does anyone ELSE say that???

Thanks for the free smile!


Kim said...

Welcome back, Dave! We've missed you.

(Oh, you thought those smiles were free? I'm going to have to start charging you for them from now on. Just a heads up.)