Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Friend Pablo

You guys know all about Pablo, yes?

Wednesdays are my favorite days because that's the day I get to go kick it with Pablo for an hour or two after work. Pablo never fails to make me laugh so hard it hurts and his mother Galina always chides me for not constantly eating at their house.
A typical conversation with her runs:

Galina: Hi, Kim. You want food? What I should make for you? You like sandwich or nice apple, maybe?

Me: Oh, no. I'm fine. Really.

Galina: No, I will make little somethings. You like the salads? I make for you salad, yes? With the, uh, the tomato?

Me: I'm not hungry but thank you so much.

Galina: You want a refreshment? A Dr Pepper, yes?

Me: You know what? I'm okay. Really.

She bustles out and back in a few minutes later with a bottle of water, a package of cookies, two sandwiches and a bowl of fruit.

Galina: Here is some food for you. You eat.

Me: Okay. Great. Thanks.

And Pablo just laughs and laughs. He tells me, "You better eat before you get in trouble."

One day, about a year ago, I walked in to see Pablo wrapped up in a blanket. I said, "Pablo, you look like a burrito!" And the nickname stuck. He always wants me to call him Burrito now. And he never calls me by name, it's always "my dear." Last night, when I called him sweetie, he whirled his head around to ask, "Sweetie? I am Burrito." And with a sly smile he added, "Or you could call me Sweet Burrito."

And that set us off. We giggled about Sweet Burritos for almost twenty minutes. That's the way it is with the two of us: we keep merriment close at hand.

He's such a charmer, that Pablo. He told me once, "I love two things: good-sounding opera and good-looking women. You are one of those."

I love spending time with my hilarious friend.

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