Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My coworker makes my brain hurt.

Yesterday I had one of the part-timers at work help me set up flags from various countries for our International Night. She asked me if I knew from which countries the flags were. I replied that I didn’t know.

"Well, what do you think this one is?" she persisted, holding up a black, red, and yellow banner.

"I don’t know. Ethiopia?" I hazarded.

"It looks more like the African flag to me," she argued.

I bit my tongue and patiently explained that Africa was, in fact, a continent, not a country and consequently did not have her own flag. The countries and regions, I explained, have flags but there isn’t an official "African flag."

"What? Africa doesn’t have a flag?!?" she asked.

"No," I said slowly, "That would be like saying 'the Asian flag'."

"Hang on . . . Asia doesn’t have a flag?!?"


Later, she wrinkled her nose during my (amazing, I might add) rendition of "I Think I Love You."

"Not a David Cassidy fan?" I asked.


"Are you kidding? David Cassidy! He’s a singer . . . he was in the Partridge Family," I explained.

"What’s the Partridge Family? Is that like American Idol?"

I looked at her for a long minute. "I have no idea how to talk to you," I said and walked away.


Kim said...

Oh, I forgot the best part!

After I explained the difference between countries and continents, she apologized saying she was never very good at geology.

Yeah. Geology.

I shouldn't enjoy this so much.

Dale said...

I thought you worked at a school or something. Please, Please, Please tell me she doesn't teach there. LoL

Alisca said...

Poor Kim. This probably caused your brain to swell almost to the point of a stroke....Stupid people do that to those of us that are smart!

Kim said...

Yeah, Dale. She works at a flippin' school! For the children's sake, she is relegated to office-support duties far far away from the kids. Thank the dear Lord.

Alisca, I know you know how I feel. By the way, how are the stellar minds over at your office?