Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's perplexing.

Most of you have probably heard me mention my big sister, Amy. She’s pretty cool. Amy is the type of person people just always like. She’s friendly, talented and wonderfully witty. The people who don’t like Amy are probably the same people who cheered in the theatre when Bambi’s mom got shot and then went home and punched a kitten. Read: not cool people.

Anyway, Amy’s assets are many and her faults few so she will perhaps forgive my teasing her on this one small thing?

The way she answers the phone always amuses me. She just sounds so bewildered. “Hel-LO?”

You almost imagine her asking in response to a phone ringing, “What is this? A phone? Oh, I’ve never used a phone before. How do you make it stop? Hello? Oh, you pick it up first? Hel-LO?”

It’s just so funny. I’m giggling to myself right now as I think about it. I’m actually tempted to give out her phone number just so you can all experience Bemused Phone Amy.

But I won’t.

Because she can totally beat me up.


Dale said...

Now that truely is a random thought. ;-)

Kim said...

That's the name of the game, folks.

Amy Brinton said...
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Amy Brinton said...

Great pic, Kim, thanks!

That reminds me that the other day I was borrowing Eric's cell phone and he called me, except that I didn't know how to answer the blasted phone! He called again, and I could not find the right button to answer it. So maybe I've crossed the line from a "techno-thrifty" to a "techno-square."

Dale said...

Speaking of random thoughts...

Don't you hate it when you misspell a word but can't go back and edit?

Oh sure, you could always just delete it then write a new comment but then that would disrupt the flow of the conversation for other readers. Plus it would leave people wondering what racy and embarrassing thing you said that you had to delete it.

Of course you could just add a second comment saying "I meant to say TRULY" but then people would think you are such an uneducated dolt that you don't even know how to proofread your comments before you click on the publish button.

And then they might not ever take you seriously again.

But suddenly in a fit of inspiration you check to see if you can blame your poor spelling on all those British novelists you’ve been reading.


Alas, no luck. It’s spelled “Truly” in every dialect of the English language.

Kim said...

I'll always take you seriously, Dale.

Truely, I will.