Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Only, how cute is my brother, right?

James is now in Mexico and lovin’ it! He keeps his family updated through the magic of email. (The “e” stands for “entertaining”) Here are some excerpts from the past few emails that are just so James.

You don’t have to worry about us being robbed. I don’t have any money.

So I do not know what we are going to be doing today and, even if I was told, I would not really understand.

We turn our water heater on every morning for our shower. The first day we actually heated our water with our iron because we didn’t have any gas.

A funny thing about our ward is that no one can sing the Hymns and, to make it worse, if no one knows the Hymns on the piano, the chorister sings the first line and then everyone imitates that for the song. It’s quite painful to listen to.

Well, I hate to say it, but American Mexican food actually tastes a lot better than Mexican Mexican food.

I spoke in church on Sunday. I read Alma 5:45-46 I think and then maybe talked about it. I don’t know; it was in Spanish.

Time goes pretty fast here, even though the people don’t.

James, second from the right, confirms suspicions that he is just as weird in foreign countries as he is in the USA.
The band that plays down the street from James's house.

If you’d like to write to James, email me and I’ll send you his address. I’m sure he’d love to get mail from los gringos.


Lindsey said...

i had to call andy in - and starting with james's second line, he was laughing out loud! very cute brother!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't know your brother, but i just laughed out loud. loudly.