Monday, February 9, 2009

Reverently, Quietly

I try so hard to be reverent in church. I really try so hard.

But I am afflicted with attention-span issues.

And roommates.

This became a problem yesterday when my roommate flicked me with a rubber band right in the middle of Sacrament meeting. I could not let her challenge stand unanswered. I slipped that band on my finger, aimed peripherally, and let it fly. Yeah, except Liz wasn't exactly where I thought she was and the perfectly flicked rubber band sailed right across the aisle. In horror we watched as it pegged someone in an adjacent pew, and then in unison we bent over with uncontrolled, yet silent, laughter. In response to the look we received I said quietly, "What's her problem? Be nice, lady. We're in church."

About 20 minutes later I started to get fidgety again and whispered to my roommate, "Hey, do you think she'll give us back the rubber band?"

"No!" was her response.

"Will you just ask?" I pressed.


Some people are just no fun.


Lizzy said...

Ok, for the RECORD I didn't FLICK the rubber band at you, I TOSSED it in your lap. I guess this really does leave the blame on me regardless because I knowingly gave you an item that could cause great distress during sacrament meeting. However, I clearly warned you as you wrapped the band around your hand like a gun, "Don't DO IT!" But of course you did it anyway. I'm so glad Karen told you we wouldn't get it back. I think this was also during a hymn? sheesh!

Or, how about your laughter during my lesson? Don't think of the pig, ok. Let the pig go...

Kim said...

Okay, you'll HAVE to forgive the lesson-giggling . . . who can see someone rush into church carrying a giant ceramic pig and not laugh?

Answer me that, Smarty-Pants Maggee.